Ms Magdalena Duduzile Hlengwa

National Assembly
Party: Inkatha Freedom Party on the provincial list for the province of KwaZulu-Natal



Member of the following committees

Portfolio Committee on Health
Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities

Parliament Membership History

Member of Parliament since 2019

Political Leadership Background

Deputy Chairperson of Women's Brigade in Ulundi Constituency

Ward Committee Ward 12 Ulundi Municipality

Secretary of the senior citizen Zululand District


Matric at Ekwazini High School

PTC in Madadeni Training College

Diploma in Education

Degree in Education at University of Pretoria



Listening to news

Political Ideas / Achievements Goals & Ambitions for the country

My goals is to see this country growing and establishing more work for young people and I want to see education going smoothly because in KZN post are being frozen. Some teachers are staying at home because there are no job opportunities, otherwise they go to other provinces.

I want see people to know the value of traditional attire.

I am inspired by the late Inkosi M.W Hlengwa and the president of IFP Dr M.J. Buthelezi

I want to see people having better lives, right down at the grass root level.