Adv Hisamodien Mohamed

National Assembly
Party: African National Congress on the provincial list for the province of Western Cape


082 455 5549


Hishaam Mohamed

Member of the following committees

Portfolio Committee on Justice and Correctional Services

Parliament Membership History


Political Leadership Background

The positions I have held in the ANC, MDM or any other community organisations :


1995 -2018    :    Member of the PEC WC

2011 -2014    :    Co-Ordinator of Provincial Legal and Monitoring Task Team

2011-2014    :    ANC Branch Chairperson : Ward 65

2008 – 2009    :    ANC Branch Chairperson:  Ward 67 Branch     (Harde Vlei)

1995 – 2005 

& 2010-2019    :    Member of ANC Provincial Executive Committee (PEC)             and Provincial Working Committee (PWC)(Western Cape)

1998 – 2003    :    Head: Legal Department of ANC Western Cape

1996 – 1999    :    Convenor – ANC Truth Commission Unit – Western Cape

1996 – 1999    :    Member of the ANC Constitutional Committee 

1995 – 1998    :    Served as ANC PR Councillor  

1995 – 1996    :    ANC Regional Chairperson – Southern Suburbs

Jan – Apr1994:    Full time ANC Provincial Election canvasser –                     Southern Suburbs Region

1985 – 1990    :    Member of the UDF responsible for operations 

(Wynberg area)

Sept 1985    :    Detained (UDF activities)

MDM Activities:

2009 - 2018    :    Chairperson of the Southern Suburbs Legal Advice                         Centre

2010 - 2011    :    Governing Body Member of Parel Vallei High School

1997 – 2013    :    Member of the National Association of Democratic                         Lawyers (NADEL)

1996 – 1998    :    Board Member of Cape Town Community Chest

1990 – 1999    :    Member of LOGRA Civic

Apr– Dec 1990:     Street Law Co-ordinator: Educated high school children                     on the law and their rights.

1989 – 1993    :    Co-ordinator: Lotus River Community Advice Office

1986 – 1990    :    Captain of Lansdowne Rugby Club

1985 – 1986    :    Distribution Co-ordinator at Lotus River for the South                     African Council of Churches (Lotus River) Publications

Professional Bodies: 

2012 - 2018    :    Member of the South African Board of Sheriffs

2008 – 2018    :    Chairperson of the Development Committee (JCPS),                     Western Cape

2003 – 2009    :    Member of the Harvard Business School Club – Cape Town

1996        :    Chairperson of the Electoral Revision Court for the City of                         Cape Town


Matric –Wittebome High School,WYNBERG

B Juris –UWC-1990

LLB –UWC-1991

MPA-Master of Public Administration –UWC-2003

Senior Executive Programme-2000-Harvard Business School-USA



Political Ideas / Achievements Goals & Ambitions for the country

Key challenges facing our country:

Our Constitutional democracy is only 25 years old and we have just celebrated the anniversary since our Constitution was signed into law in 1996. Human Dignity and Equality are the pillars of our Constitution.

The Preamble of our Constitution reminds us that the Constitution was adopted so as to: 

    • “Heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights; 

    • Lay the foundations for a democratic and open society in which government is based on the will of the people and every citizen is equally protected by law; 

    • Improve the quality of life of all citizens and free the potential of each person"

Against this background, the state & civil society has a responsibility to act with due diligence in preventing combating discrimination maladministration and corruption in all its form. Whilst South Africa remains a divided society, we have a collective duty to promote good governance so as to ensure that the rights as entrenched in our Constitution are enjoyed and realized for all.

Too little South Africans work. The quality of our school education requires upgrade and our poorly located and inadequate infrastructure limits social inclusion and faster economic growth. These challenges also continue to marginalize the poor and performance of public service is uneven. 

We need a renewed attempt at collaboration between state, business and labour to place the country on a new growth trajectory away from conflict and to join goals around economic growth that creates jobs, share knowledge and exploit natural resources.

In tackling these challenges, due diligence for good governance and adherence to rules requires continued commitment by those entrusted with the responsibility of state resources and power.

We know that no law, no rules or policy alone can change human behaviour, but we can put in place measures and initiatives that send a clear signal that maladministration, wasteful expedidature, corruption, discrimination and prejudice will not be tolerated. There is thus a need to monitor measures and initiatives that foster good governance, understanding, awareness and respect for human rights and that create an environment conducive to tolerance.